Mr. P P FazaL Rahman is an eminent Civil Service Trainer, Faculty Member - Kerala State Civil Service Academy, former Faculty Member Institute Of Career Studies & Research ( Govt. of Kerala), Education Innovator and Career Analyst. He currently leads many education projects and has handled hundreds of sessions across South India and Middle East. He is a pioneer in crafting academic methodologies for leading institutions and has spearheaded numerous academic projects. He is well known for his unique Personalized Mentoring and Inspiring talks. His core areas of specialization are Indian Economy and Ecology & Environment.

For the past ten years, a lot of students have cleared the Civil Service Exams under his guidance and entered into service. As a constant researcher on new learning methodologies and current affairs, his expertise will be a boosting factor for true Civil Service aspirants. He travels a lot, interacts with a lot of people, conducts seminars and debates on Indian Economy and Environment. The energetic attitude, never ending quest for knowledge and adaptability to the changing world is the major plus mark for students who look for a good role model and a mentor.



Mr. Arjun R Shaankar is a renowned Civil Service Mentor, author, columnist, and a Quiz Master. He is a weekly columnist and writer at Deccan Chronicle and The Asian Age. He has authored the historical book, 'From Cattles to Battles till the Break of Colonial Shackles.' For more than a decade he has been teaching at various reputed Civil Service Academies in India. He is an expert faculty in Indian History, Cultural History of India, Indian Economy and Current Affairs.

Mr.Arjun, known as the study-source for Civil Service is one of most sought after coaches in the Civil Service Training sector in South India.As a Historian and an author his exceptional talent is the most beneficial factor for an aspirant. He is a master in Current Affairs and an Analyst too. Under his guidance a lot of students have entered into Civil Service for the last ten years and he is also a reference personality for other faculties.



Renowned Civil Service Mentor in Kerala & Arunachal Pradesh

Mr. Ajay T Joseph has been working as a professional Civil Service Trainer for many years. He is one of the leading mentors of IAS aspirants in Kerala and Arunachal Pradesh.
As a frequent traveller and Analyst, Ajay has got a vast exposure in expanding his knowledge and skills which can be a real source of learning for IAS aspirants. He is exceptional in assessing a student and giving proper guidance to taking the best steps for success. In both states, many of his students have passed the Civil Service exam so far.


An expert in Faculty in Enviornment & Geography

Ms. Chitra Chandran is the former Associate Professor at Vimala College and was the former Academic Head of IAS HOTSPOT. She currently heads Learn Stroke App project. She has worked as a tutor at Emirates National School, Sharjah. A first rank holder in Food and Nutrition, she is an expert in faculty in Environment and Geography.
As a professor who has spent years in teaching, her presentation skills and subject knowledge helps the student to re-borden knowledge and subject expertise. Mentoring under her will be beneficial with respect to Analysis and Presentation. Lot of her students have cleared the Civil Service exams and are currently serving.


Faculty, Kerala State Civil Service Academy

Mr. Abdul Majeed is a renowned Civil Service mentor for more than a decade. He is a faculty member of Kerala State Civil Services Academy and member of Career Guidance Empanelled Board of the Minority Welfare Department, Govt of Kerala. He is specialized in Physical and Indian Geography.
For the last ten years, many of his students have cleared the examination and his guidance is the one of the preferred choices of the training fraternity. He travels a lot as part of his research and it helps him widening his mentoring methodologies and skills.


Renowned Faculty in History, Arts & Culture

Mr. Sijin Gopi P is a well experienced and expert Mentor and a renowned faculty in History, Art and culture. He is the highly demanded History faculty among Civil Service Academies and his continuous research and subject knowledge turned him as one of the best mentors in Kerala.
History and Art are two of the major subjects related to general knowledge as well as optional ones. Students always need such a good mentor having in-depth knowledge and expertise in these subjects to prepare for the Civil Service exam.


Faculty OF Indian Polity for General Studies at Kerala State Civil Polic

Adv. REneesh U R has been working as a faculty of Indian Polity for General Studies at Kerala State Civil Service Academy at Kozhikode, Kannur and Palakkad. He has worked with many other institutions like ICSR. An advocate by profession and he has also served Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as Analyst Officer.


Faculty, Kerala State Civil Service Academy

Mr. Faiseer P P serves as a faculty in Kerala State Civil Service Academy, Kozhikode and Kannur, He has been mentoring Civil Services aspirants since 2015 across the state. He has specialised in the subjects, Constitution and Governance and Current Affairs.
Constitution and Current Affairs are two of the major subjects for any competitive exam. Students need a completely reliable and exceptional faculty for these subjects for preparing for Civil Service. He is a treasure of knowldege and skillful enough to mentor the students and groom them to success.


CSAT Specialized HRD Trainee

Mr. Roopesh Wayand has got more than fifteen years of experience as a Faculty in the competitive examination field. Specialised in CSAT he is a Certified HRD Trainer and also a columnist in career journals.
As a Columnist and Researcher his exceptional skills are the source of knowledge for the students. Specialised in Competitive Exams, his training sharpens the potential of the students for facing the Civil Service Exam confidently and effectively. Many of his disciples are already in various services and he still visits institutes as guest Mentor.


Former Faculty , Kerala State Civil Service Academy

Mr. K A Muneer is an eminent Maths Mentor , former Faculty Member of Kerala State Civil Service Academy, Zone Trainer at Junior Chamber International and the State level Project Head of Centre For Information and Guidance India.
Mentorship under Mr.Muneer can help the students to enhance their skills of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and problem solving which are very essential for Civil Service Exams. His ability to understand the IQ level and to adapt most suitable methods to improve it in students makes him stand apart from the rest. He has worked with a lot of leading Civil Service Academy having a number of successful students in his credit.


Expert in Mentoring, Author & Coloumnist

Adv. Sreeja T S is an expert in mentoring and has versatile presentation skills. She has been a practicing Lawyer for the last 11 years. She is also an author and a columnist.
As a lawyer and a writer, Adv Sreeja will be the right source for developing presentation skills, subject knowledge and personality development. She is well versed in Current Affairs and Constitution and Governance .


Expert Mentor & Specialist in Science & Technology

Mr. Niyas Ali P is an expert mentor and specialist in the subjects Science and Technology having five years of teaching experience in various Civil Service Academies across the state, including Kerala State Civil Service Academy. He is also a researcher on scientific topics and a technocrat.
For Science students, his expertise and subject knowledge is boon to widen their subject knowledge.

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